10,000 seats

Newfoundland is peppered with creative geniuses who write, produce, direct, design, and act in an amazing array of productions in venues small and large.

MARCH 17 2020 - community is working together to #flattenthecurve of incidence of COVID-19.  social distance is the status quo.

protecting our social and cultural bodies is as vital as protecting our physical health, and together at a distance people are looking for ways to support each other even as we are physically separate.orange box white text recommendations for supporting the arts during covid-19


about the name, 10,000 seats....

Come From Away has ignited international interest in NL theatre, but seeing a world-class show doesn’t require a seat on a plane.

there is a notion, conceived by local playwright Robert Chafe, that on any given night there are 10,000 seats in which people can sit and experience NL theatre. 

we're in hiatus now, but when it's back it'll be like this:

live. local, and right here at home.  


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