Birthday Balloon by Steve Cochrane

This show is about a dying marriage of a men working away in Fort McMurray and his wife, the "oil widow" staying "home" in Newfoundland. While the man is working away the wife finds out about an affair that he is having and wants to divorce. This also explores a new Newfoundlandland identity, where the worse economic downturn since the 1930's is happening and the reasons that keep people in love with the province known as "home". 

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***Rescheduled from March 2020***

February 25-27, 8pm
February 27-28, 2pm (Saturday, February 27, 2pm will be a Relaxed Performance)

a retangular card shape image with green color background on the left half and pink color background on the right half. in the middle of both sides is a hollow balloon shape with a silver hollow ring for the top and the ribbon are the color of the opposite background colors. on the left on side up in the top corner are the words in white lettering BIRTHDAY BALLOON