I Am A Genius Does Anyone Here Know Me?

Canada’s PerSIStence Theatre Company presents I AM A GENIUS (DOES ANYONE HERE KNOW ME?), created and performed by Lois Brown. Part of this feminist theatre company’s one-woman play series IT’S WOMEN’S PLAY, the performance is a look into a shimmering world of forgotten and brilliant things with the help of paper, plastic, foil, and a microphone. Newfoundland-based artist Lois Brown shares a look into memory and dementia, value and worthlessness, and the rational and the magical. I AM A GENIUS… is an improvised sonic choreography of things, composed by Montreal-based James O’Callaghan and infused with Brown’s off-beat humour, her mis-use of objects, and her genuine playfulness with the audience. “Brown’s wry text and visual metaphors offer a searingly fresh way of looking at the world.” – Governor General’s Award-winning playwright Robert Chafe
on the right side there is a close up of a women's face but it looks like it is shielded by what look slike ice, all you barely see is her eyes, black glasses, part of nose, her forehead and blonde hair. on the left side are the words