Offensive to Some by PreSIStence Theatre

Canada’s PerSIStence Theatre presents Bernardine Ann Teraz Stapleton’s award-winning play OFFENSIVE TO SOME, part of this renowned feminist company’s broadcast series IT’S WOMEN’S PLAY. MIRANDA MACDONALD plays the Woman, in prison for killing her husband – a man who has abused her for years. Her journey as a wife, mother, daughter, but most of all as a person, unfolds in her interactions with unseen cops and a parade of talk show hosts, in a one-woman performance that critics call "sensational" and "absolutely incredible" - The Racket (St. John’s)
on the right side there is a close up of a women's face, all you can see is on of her eyes, part of nose, one cheek and some of her forehead with some brown hair on the side of her face. She looks sad. on the left side are the words it's Womens's Play, Sharon Kimg-Campbell's Original, preformance begins February Persistence theatre company