Spirit of NL Productions presents NL Idol

IDOL Dies at You. A musical comedy packed full of one brilliant show stopping song after another on a stage full of personality, colour and heart pounding vocals. This singing competition is fierce and shows the good, the bad and the ugly side of auditioning and mostly, what it takes to win. Mixed with the crazy and zany characters, an incredible three course meal prepared by Chef Christian Houle and his team, you won’t want the night to be over.
Keith Power has been in several Spirit of Newfoundland shows and has wowed every audience by unexpectedly tackling the high notes and he does it again by pulling off Aretha Franklyn’s “Respect”. Power says, “I can’t wait for the show to open because the music is breathtaking”. The show also stars seasoned performers Dana Parsons, Janet Cull and Andrew Williams.
Other great songs include Alicia Keys “This Girl is On Fire”, Beauty and the Beast, auditioning favorite “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables, Aretha Franklyn’s “Respect”, Roy Orbison’s “Crying”, One Tin Soldier, California Dreamin’, Help Me Make it Through the Night and Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”. You’ll also hear Adele, The Jackson Five, Cher, Meatloaf and so much more.
For more information call 579-3023.

the background is a stage with a black background and a mic in the lower right side of the picture, in the bottom corner is the Spirit of NL logo (which is clipart of a stage with curtains tied back with a musical note and the words spirit in big letter and of Newfoundland and it is all in red color) and on the bottom left side in red are the words Get your tickets at www.spiritofnewfoundland.com across the top it said Live & Online! 3 times (1st and last in yellow lettering and the middle one is in pink lettering) then under that are 4 pictures of performers 2 females and 2 males alternating. under that is Musical Comedy Dinner & Show in yellow and on the left side in the middle is Newfoundland in pink lettering IDOL in neon light blue and dates May 28,29 & June 4,5 in yellow lettering.
We’re delighted to be back home at the Masonic Theatre hosting LIVE and Online from our new Cyber Stage.

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