Bunny’s UMs

hand-sewn crafts

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cute and wacky craft critters

If you’re one of the bazillion people around the world who are fascinated by odd-shaped, giant/tiny/no-eyed, kind of cute but kind of sinister creatures and creations, Holly Kay’s Bunny’s UMs will enchant you.  if you aren’t among the bazillion, think of Pokemon gone wild.  it’s anime, and it’s a thing that has something to do with Japanese culture past and current, Kawaii, and even Dungeons & Dragons worlds.

Holly Kay’s childhood was spent watching her mother and grandmother sew clothes, so it’s a cool inverse relationship that Holly is spending her adulthood sewing stuffed toys for all ages out of old clothes in a style of anime. in sew doing, she’s creating and keeping things out of the landfill. the sewing started as a hobby.  she had been making her own ‘monsters’ – stuffed creatures - for years, and came across ThreadBangers – a top DIY YouTube channel – on how to make upcycled monsters a la John Murphy of Stupid Creatures™. clearly, there was a demand, and inspiration struck. 

“I realized that I could make it my own,” says Holly.   Bunny’s UMs was born.  Bunny’s UMs monsters are colourful, cute, and goofy-looking stuffed animals made from mostly upcycled items like used purses, curtains, jerseys, jeans, and knits.  each monster is unique and different and they are suited for all ages from small children to adults.

Holly gets her materials new and used from thrift stores and friends – the fabric gives her the inspiration to create. Holly also creates original tote bags, scarfs, hats, bows and other up-cycled articles. Holly is driven by a sense of community and environmental awareness which she integrates into her business. “recycling, upcycling and reusing clothing is a great way to create, divert waste and keep good things out of the landfill,” says Holly. going forward, Holly will keep pursuing her passion, share the joy of Bunny’s UMs, and see where her passion takes her.