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psst - did you know... Clean Start makes cleaning cloths from cotton and flannel

Clean Start - a social good solution for professional cleaning needs

For many businesses, the pandemic meant scaling back.  For Clean Start, a social enterprise of Stella’s Circle, it meant scaling up.  Clean Start stands out as a premier professional cleaning company serving the St. John’s metro area, CBS, PCSP and Torbay.

In COVID times and now beyond, cleaning and refreshing are good for people and business. Established in 2016, Clean Start has mission-driven approach for its commercial cleaning enterprise, providing training and employment to people facing barriers to employment who are striving to better their lives.

Clean Start success built on relationships

Paula Greely is Clean Start’s Business Development Manager.  She says, “The pandemic increased demand tenfold.  As a cleaning business, it brought an opportunity to grow, expand and refine what we can do for our clients.  As a social enterprise committed to empowering individuals facing barriers, the surge in business translated into exciting growth opportunities for our staff.  On all sides of the equation, it’s all about delivering exceptional services and building the right relationships for success.”  

Paula says that “Along with meaningful employment, staff at Clean Start gain invaluable transferrable skills in team work, leadership, attention to detail, and creating a healthy work environment.”

It’s a blend of good business practice, and good human relations.  Paula explains, “In our pandemic world, the quality control issue was paramount for everyone.  It was always part of our business but then it became a public health issue.  Our staff have the talents to ensure jobs are done specific the clients’ needs and to the highest standard of safety.  It’s a win-win. Our customers see the value in Clean Start’s social mission but at the end of the day, they also need an excellent cleaning service. The reviews all around have been outstanding.”

Team-based approach to professional cleaning

Amidst surging demand, Paula recognized the need to realign how Clean Start works, and introduced an innovative team-based approach that fosters advancement opportunities for staff. She says, "We embrace a team-centric philosophy. An experienced leader oversees and coaches the newer team members on each shift. This provides a strong staffing framework for each contract, and consistent support for new staff to learn hard and soft workplace skills. 

Through ongoing training, Clean Start works closely with its staff to cultivate individual skill sets that can seamlessly adapt to the larger labour market. The experience they gain working as part of Clean Start helps transform their economic and social independence.   

Clean Start full service cleaning solutions

Clean Start manages each contract with the same level care and professional, no matter how their size or complexity. It always starts with a thorough customer consultation, and the details get captured in a unique work plan.  Paula explains, “It could be intricate, white-glove level-dusting or it could be a solid-once-over every week.  We collaborate with the customer to customize a work plan that guarantees meticulous service.”

For some clients, management is part of the cleaning plan. “For some clients, we extend our service and also take on logistics.  We manage their inventory of cleaning supplies, ensuring they never run out. These thoughtful extras make all the difference.”  

Clean Start cleaning schedule to meet client needs

Clean Start's commitment to client satisfaction is further highlighted by its flexibility in scheduling. Whether clients require daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning services, during daytime, nighttime, or weekends, Clean Start tailors its operations to accommodate each customer’s needs. Paula says, "We prioritize understanding our clients' requirements, ensuring that we are always in the right place at the right time."

Positively spotless

Clean Start tailors its services to unique customer demands.  “For instance,” Paula says, “what we do for an AirB&B when a guest leaves, which includes laundry and fridges and other hospitality-level detail, is different from what churches might need on a weekly basis.  

Another niche area is healthcare facilities, such as doctors’ offices, physiotherapy clinics, dental clinics and other services. “Space needs to be and feel super clean in a health-care environment. We build the cleaning job to fit the needs of the client. Right down to the type of cleaning product they prefer.”

Paula adds, “It also works the other way - staff have choice in the jobs they take on. It makes for a respectful and productive work environment for everyone.  Our staff take immense pride in their work.”

“And when staff are ready to explore other growth opportunities, whether within our organization or beyond, we wholeheartedly support their success. Transition to external employment for Clean Start staff is part of our model and mission.” Since the pandemic, 63 Clean Start employees have found work in competitive employment. 

good, clean corporate social responsibility

Paula underscores the broader significance of Clean Start’s impact. “Our staff gain economic independence, learns new skills and build confidence. Our business thrives, and commercial clients can take pride that they are actively contributing to a more inclusive community through socially conscious business.

Paula adds, “By hiring Clean Start, companies are creating jobs for people who have faced barriers to employment.  That’s corporate social responsibility, made to order!”

Clean Start excels in the field of professional cleaning by intertwining social good with meticulous service delivery, demonstrating that excellence and compassion can coexist in the corporate world.

Stella’s Circle is an award-winning, nationally celebrated community organization with a mission to transform lives through real homes, real help, and real work. For more information, check out

Image of Paula Greeley of Clean Start in front of her office door
a woman cleans a window outside the Hungry Heart Cafe
a clean start poster with their logo on a swiffer cleaning a hardwood floor
a woman wearing scrubs smiles holding a broom
Image of Paula Greeley and Rob McClellan of Clean Start planning at a table
Image of Paula Greeley of Clean Start in front of her office door
a woman cleans a window outside the Hungry Heart Cafe
a clean start poster with their logo on a swiffer cleaning a hardwood floor
a woman wearing scrubs smiles holding a broom
Image of Paula Greeley and Rob McClellan of Clean Start planning at a table