Core Bookkeeping

bookkeeping services

19 Warren Place - St. John's, NL

who is Anna Ross?

small business owner, female entrepreneur, volunteer, community member

after building a career in accounting for 25 years, Anna Ross decided to do things her own way. Core Bookkeeping was born out of a desire to provide quality bookkeeping services at an affordable rate. working from her office, she travels back and forth to meet with clients daily.

Anna enjoys the one-on-one, personalized approach, so she can help companies save by tailoring her services to meet their needs.  while she loves to work with small “mom and pop” type businesses to see them grow, she also takes on larger clients who require numerous services.  she enjoys getting to know each client personally and seeing the friendly faces that work in our community while helping their businesses grow.

Anna works with clients to provide bookkeeping and payroll services, business and personal tax services for sole proprietors, and incorporated clients, and services that provide a full range for each client to avail of.

Anna loves her work and looks forward to growing her business alongside other local businesses.  she enjoys finding new ways to help local businesses grow and says she’ll be 99 before she retires because she is passionate about what she does - which is lucky for any business out there in need of her services.