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cultural diversity training for your business and educational needs

First Light Friendship Centre provides programs and services aimed at celebrating Indigenous cultures in Newfoundland and Labrador. No stranger to the world of social enterprise, First Light has recently begun offering Indigenous Cultural Diversity Training as a way to help educate the greater community while sustaining the initiative through the revenue that is generated. 

First Light Friendship Centre was receiving requests from businesses, organizations, workplaces, and schools in the province in search of support and education on Indigenous culture and related topics. The Indigenous Cultural Diversity Training was born as a response to this particular need in the community. 

Formalizing their education services into a series of classes ensured that First Light could provide consistent, quality, information to everyone. Offering theses sessions in a variety of packages allows the customer to tailor the training to fit their needs. The proceeds generated from this training allows First Light to continue their important work in the community. 

The training is offered as one hour, three hour, or one day sessions, expanding more deeply on the fundamental topics and ideas. The hour long training focus on the diversity of Indigenous groups in the province and the importance of cultural humility. The day long session explores a wider range of concepts in much greater detail and includes multiple activities allowing ample opportunity for participants to reflect and ask questions.

First Light’s Indigenous Cultural Diversity Training seeks to help people become more culturally aware and as a result, more kind and compassionate to one another. This training is an excellent resource for any office, workplace, school, organization, or community.

Learn about Indigenous Languages

First Light's training programs are supported by a range of experiential learning opportunities. This series shares popular words and phrases in several Indigenous languages. 

Click here to visit First Light's "Word of the Week" video series! 


grass braid over a piece of paper with text
two people in indigenous dress holding hands
grass braid over a piece of paper with text
two people in indigenous dress holding hands