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are you ready to see yourself and the world through the eyes of your soul? is it time to realign your life and your space with what uplifts you? for the love of beauty and the beauty of love, dive deep into your Truth with Dominique Hurley’s inspired offerings.

Ottawa-born Dominique Hurley is an intuitive visionary artist, lightworker, educator and certified naturopath who guides you to explore and express your True Self through inner guidance. grounded in her love of beauty and the beauty of love, Dominique delivers insight and inspiration through her energy-infused art as well as her Intuition Into Action Treasure Map: 5 Steps to a Happy Healthy Life and related offerings.  she’ll delight you through keynotes, practical interactive workshops, guided visioning meditations and more. if you’re looking to activate whole-brained success in your life, organization or community, hire Dominique to nourish your transformational journey. her unique blend of expertise will animate your meetings, events, conferences, and conventions so that you too can make the decisions that are right for you.

Dominique has always been drawn to spirituality, painting and photography. her visions are beautifully translated through her inspirational artwork, but her visionary gift is also helping others tap into their intuition to create a life aligned with their Highest Good.

Dominique’s art has often been described as an empowering tool for healing. you can feel its uplifting vibration when you enter a room. her clients and fans say that her artistic and intuitive gifts have helped them move forward on their life’s Path. 

Dominique fell in love with the intuitive painting process in the late 80s, at about the same time as she started taking energy healing and other spirituality workshops. nature & the painting studio were her favourite places to connect to her essence and Team of Divine Helpers. it was her energy-infused intuitive process that taught her to embrace the mystery, never knowing what would evolve both on canvas and in life. she has lived, worked, and studied on 3 continents and 5 provinces, generously sharing her co-creations and inspiration online and in person. in 2011, St. John’s, NL became her home.

Dominique makes a difference through her simple living and by adding & promoting love and beauty in our community. she was the godmother of the 2018 Atlantic Visual Arts Festival in NB and won a NL Arts & Letters Award for her painting “Every Dot A Prayer” in 2019. explore and purchase both her art & intuitive services from her website. also sign-up for her bi-weekly Art & Inspiration e-zine and receive your free gift.