For Your Paws Only

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collar style for your furry family

when you’re more ‘parent’ than ‘owner’ to four-footed family members, it feels good to keep them safe and looking cool. that intent - with safety first - was the inspiration for Serena Saunders to design collars and accessories and launch For Your Paws Only. the impetus came 10 years ago, when manufactured leashes and collars were no match for Ebony, Serena’s lab-shepherd mix.

For Your Paws Only is based in Foxtrap CBS, and Serena is in charge of the manufacturing. For Your Paws Only creates collars and leashes from kitty-cat size to Great Dane size. Serena conducts research and uses industrial design principles to ensure the products are safe, strong and durable. the prototypes are tested on ‘family’ and friends. Serena says, “I have a great dane, and I’m 100% confident that my collars and leashes are safe and secure”.

For Your Paws Only designs celebrate the seasons and Newfoundland Culture with style - Christmas, Canada Day, St. Patrick's Day, row houses, puffins and more. For Your Paws Only also offers customized collar designs for pets with allergies or certain conditions.

as well as local culture, Serena celebrates community. she supports like-minded organizations such as the SPCA, Heavenly Creatures, and Beagle Paws locally.