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Intuitive Media - imaginative, agile, deliberate marketing

Intuitive Media works quite differently than your average “agency.” We’re imaginative and accountable. Attentive and agile. Strategic and deliberate. We use insights from data, research, strategic planning, and conversations both on and offline to get to know your customers in a meaningful way. We work with business owners to provide marketing and SEO training sessions and consulting that provide knowledge and tools they can put to work. And we draw from a network of ultra talented creative and digital professionals to forge teams perfect for your specific needs and budgets.

Denise Goodyear - award-winning marketer

An award-winning marketer, company President Denise Goodyear, began her career in media sales, but developed a deeper passion for marketing and communications strategy, spending nearly a decade as a partner in a successful agency before branching out completely on her own, creating Intuitive Media in 2019. To build on her marketing education, Denise successfully completed the Digital & Social Media Program at Memorial University in 2019 and has over 20 years sales and marketing experience with various organizations and businesses throughout the province. 

Intuitive Media brings networking excellence to marketing

Denise is an active speaker on entrepreneurship and marketing, bridging the gap between education and industry, and working to provide the tools and knowledge owners and managers can put to work in their businesses. An avid networker who thrives on building relationships and connecting people and an active volunteer and mentor, Denise lends her time and skills to organizations such as Futurpreneur Canada, CHBA-NL, NLCA, St. John’s Board of Trade, Tech NL and others, in addition to NLOWE, where she served as President for a term.

Intuitive Media - marketing that starts with relationships first

Intuitive Media provides a full service approach to your marketing. From building a digital footprint, social media and website tactics to strategic marketing planning and training, Intuitive Media and our partners work together to provide whatever unique creative and strategies our clients require - and we enjoy the entire process.

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three happy women working together with notebook
Denise Goodyear, Founder of Intuitive Media
three happy women working together with notebook
Denise Goodyear, Founder of Intuitive Media