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wonderful accessories from recycled materals!

wicked cool hats, splendid fascinators and other marvelous works of Kokar come to be at the hands of Andrea Butler. the Brazilian-born artisan started her creative venture with handmade fascinators and hair pieces in 2011. after meeting co-hort and fellow brasileira Vanessa Sousa da Silva, Andrea integrated a little of Vanessa’s style to Kokar, and began incorporating recycled fur into her pieces. Vanessa had just invented the now iconic Wooca brand – fabulous hats made from sweaters or handiwork up-cycled with fur. Andrea is presently expanding the Wooca product line in NL as Vanessa now makes Montreal her home

in Brazil, a kokar refers to traditional indigenous feathered headwear used in ceremonies. Andrea upcycles the unique and beautiful accessories from clothing and furs she seeks and finds at second-hand shops. Kokar fascinators and hats are hand-sewn or crocheted using vintage materials or wool and upcycled furs. both Andrea and Vanessa were inspired to create their collections by the fresh Newfoundland climate.  “not too cold not too warm”, she says (and smiles), and the new line of hats come in materials well-suited to the deep of winter and damp of all season.

sustainability is at the root of Kokar’s business. Andrea connected with Vanessa because of their shared love for recycling and up-cycling stuff in everyday life, from painting, furniture and clothing in order to be conscious about with the environment.

Andrea loves her business and she wants her work to reach out beyond the Avalon.  as a mother and wife as well as entrepreneur and Newfoundlander by choice, she likes the feeling of her goods being worn throughout the province. afshion lovers can buy Kokar and Wooca accessories at various locations in St John’s: Brassy Lassy, Kokar is a regular at St John’s Farmers Markets, Winter Market, and other local markets and festivals. they are also on Facebook and Instagram.