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Campia Gymnastics Club, and online

Lizard's Leos is responding to Covid 19 and helping flatten the curve! They're in production of 650 masks for local businesses who are essential.  Click here for the pattern - 

Colourful, sparkly, and a great fit. These spectacular leotards and athletic wear worn by young athletes across the country are made in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Elizabeth Zedel is the force behind Lizard’s Leos - she makes custom leotards for gymnasts, dancers, swimmers and skaters. Like the sports she designs for, technical specifications and artistry are equally valued. Elizabeth consults, fits for size, designs, and prints using a high-tech sublimation printing process which guarantees accurate patterning on all suits, and her timing on delivery is impeccable. She loves a bit of bling and says that well-placed rhinestones can light up the whole arena during competitions. She designs team suits that capture the essence of the club, as well as one-of-a-kind leos for practice and performance. Lizard’s Leos last - they use the highest quality materials that are durable and keep their shape.

Elizabeth started designing athletic wear when she sewed her own figure skating suits. She ran a printing shop after finishing her university degree which gave her the computer design skills. Then later as mom, she made leotards for her kids and other kids and their parents loved her work. She was approached by a local club to make team suits. Elizabeth researched athletic wear design and Lizard’s Leos was born.

Elizabeth values sustainability in her work - she uses quality eco fabrics made from recycled materials, and fully utilises all of her materials, making sure good fabric never goes to waste. She recognizes the importance of local businesses supporting one another, which is why she hires other local artists to assist her with particular aspects of her work. She knows that each person has a particular skill, and she wants each element of her suits to be the best it can. Elizabeth is proud that Lizard’s Leos is a Canadian brand that is located in Newfoundland and Labrador and suiting up athletes all across the country.

Elizabeth Zedel standing outside on a sunny day
Elizabeth Zedel standing outside on a sunny day