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saving energy, money, and the environment 

The team at Mysa is on a mission to make the energy sector more environmentally friendly. their launch product - the Mysa Smart Thermostat - allows the user to conserve energy, and improve their environmental footprint.

This is how it happened: when he was working in the field, founder and CEO, Joshua Green, realized there was virtually no thermostat in the market that allowed the user to control electric baseboard heating in each room.  individualized control saves energy, saves money, and improves comfort.  and there are a LOT of homes that have electric baseboard heating here in NL, and throughout North America, so the potential is big.

The Mysa team came together and created something new – a smart electric baseboard thermostat that controls heating in a room, is programmable, works on wi-fi (no rewiring!), and can be controlled remotely.  it will also learn from the user’s behaviour and recommend changes to reduce energy consumption.  they sell for $139 plus tax.

sustainable energy

Mysa aims to make sustainability and energy conservation more convenient through the creation of home automation services which will help the user become more environmentally mindful. the team leads by example through how they operate. the packaging of their product is recyclable and they also run an almost paperless office where information is shared through email and cloud services as much as possible instead of being printed out on paper.

For Mysa, the smart thermostat is just the beginning, they hope to provide more environmentally friendly services in the future which will help ease the transition into environmental consciousness through convenient technology.  

mysa thermostat on wall
mysa thermostat on wall