Newfoundland Floral Design

Ethically foraged and sourced flowers

93 Casey St, St. John's, NL

Eco-friendly local flower shop specializing in wild-foraged botanicals.  Same day delivery to St. John’s metro.

Check out an amazing arrangement for all the special occasions

Kristyna Adamnova is the naturalist behind local company, Newfoundland Floral Design  

She’s European-trained and a master floral designer, but the Newfoundland outdoors is the heart of Kristyna’s St. John’s flower business shop.

With Newfoundland Floral Design, Kristyna has built a company that reconnects people with the natural world.  

Her displays - whether in a hand-held bouquet, on a table centerpiece, or a wedding display - are Newfoundland-nature inspired, eco-friendly, typically foraged, original, authentic and could very well be something you’ve never seen before.  (For  instance, in July 2023 a google search of ‘lupin arch Newfoundland’ only shows up one lupin arch that - you guessed it - is by Kristyna and team).

Natural, foraged floral designs that make people feel loved is the mantra for Newfoundland Floral Design, and it’s the starting point for what Kristyna does.

She says, “At Newfoundland Floral Designs, we believe in celebrating the natural beauty of our incredible province.  That’s why we sustainably forage local flowers, berries, and greenery, and create bouquets and arrangements that highlight the extraordinary bounty that surrounds us. We do this because we feel it makes the work better, and our province better.”

downtown shop infused with Newfoundland outdoors - natural materials

Newfoundland Floral Design is an online studio with a small local storefront shop, tucked sweetly on the way downtown on Casey Street in St. John’s.  

What comes out of that space, to the doorstep of the about-to-feel-really-loved recipient is an extraordinary experience.

Kristyna says, “People choose Newfoundland Floral Design for a reason, and the first thing we do is understand what they’re looking for.  From their words, I can create the design they want, even if they don’t know how to describe it!”

The front of the shop is a clever show space where customers come in to make plans or pick up arrangements.  

The mid-back is where the magic happens and the dreams get fulfilled, although installation displays are created on site.  

The back garden is a narnia-esque place of rich texture and scent - dried flowers, sea-urchins, moss, a greenhouse and so much more.  

It’s Kristyna’s treasure chest of Botanical Gold, grown or foraged with care in the great Newfoundland outdoors.  

Newfoundland Floral Design - from forest and beaches to shop to your door 

Kristyna says, “When getting to know a customer and understanding what they’re looking for,  my inspiration is always the natural environment.  My co-worker and I spend as much time as possible in the woods and on the beaches, and we collect samples and pieces that make dreams become reality in our little workshop.”

Krystina’s co-worker is her dog and faithful friend, Eddie.  She got him as a puppy in Bay Roberts, and in fact she credits him with the business’ existence.  Kristyna says, “Eddie’s been on this journey of foraging for flowers with me since he was a puppy.  He’s the reason I went out to the woods, and got the courage to go deeper.”

Newfoundland-centric floral design for weddings, anniversaries, sympathy and everyday

Foraging takes Krystina to the happy places of Newfoundland outdoors.  A trained horticulturist as well as master floral designer, Kristina brings together an understanding of in-season wild botanicals - from seaweed to sea urchins, lichens to lupins - with principles of proportion, balance and harmony to create beautiful designs for all occasions.  

Krityna says “Flowers are for everyday, and for life-moments.” 

Special moments are a huge inspiration for Kristyna.  She says, “Flowers play such a big role in so many key moments of our lives. I truly enjoy working with customers to find an arrangement that helps celebrate their day or honour a loved one.” 

They create arrangements for your life-moments - full displays or special pieces for birth and birthdays, wedding, anniversaries,  sympathy and the moments in between.

She adds, “We’re happy to offer a subscription service where we’ll send you happiness in the form of hand-tied bunches every week.  It will change throughout the year, I promise you that!”

eco-friendly, sustainable floral design

Newfoundland Floral Design’s commitment to green and sustainability shows up in all aspects of the business.  For starters, foraging reduces flower waste by a significant margin.

Kristyna says, “We love and respect our natural landscape and want to protect it.  We source local as much as possible, and if not we check to see if the vendor uses ethical and sustainable practices.  We use recycled paper and cardboard for packaging - it’s attractive and looks good, but leaves a much smaller footprint.  We accept vases from people to reuse in our arrangements.  Things like that.”

Kristyna also makes a personal commitment to pick up a bag of trash from woods or beach with every wedding booking.  “As I see it,” she says, “my work brings me to sacred spaces, and while I’m there it’s easy to bring out a bag of waste along with the treasures from nature.  That way the first day of a couples life is also a good day for the planet. It’s a good sign.”

Newfoundland Floral Design - building a community with classes and spirit

Connecting people with nature is the mission of Newfoundland Floral Design, but connecting with people to make things better is part of the business model.

After the war against Ukraine broke out, Kristyna was among the first local entrepreneurs to respond with a fundraiser.  Being European-born, the reality of the war was that much closer to home. Leading up to Mother’s Day 2022, Kristyna donated all profits from sales to Unicef to help children affected by the war.  

Newfoundland Floral Design workshops and classes

On the ground in St. John’s, Newfoundland Floral Design looks for opportunities to partner with other local companies to have fun, share skill, and bring the joy of nature to the hearts and hands of people.   They do workshops, classes and special events with Landwash Brewery - their Echeveria (succulent) workshop is a favourite!  Another extraordinary event is the Mother’s Day Picnic with Newfoundland Picnics.  A fresh Newfoundland Floral Design bouquet was the perfect take-home for the mamas.

connecting custom floral design, community, and love of Newfoundland

Kristyna loves what’s happening with Newfoundland Floral Design.  Her European training and horticulture background give her a unique perspective on what the Newfoundland community offers.

She says, “I cannot even tell you how lucky I am compared to the flower shops in bigger cities.  They are so jealous not to be able to use what I have access to.  I can go and forage right close to the City for fresh beautiful materials.  We are very lucky.”

Newfoundland Floral Design Kristyna with a bouquet on the beach
Newfoundland Floral beautiful bouquet
Newfoundland Floral Design Kristyna choosing flowers for an arrangement
Newfoundland Floral Design Kristyna with a bouquet on the beach
Newfoundland Floral beautiful bouquet
Newfoundland Floral Design Kristyna choosing flowers for an arrangement