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Darren blended amazing tastes that are pungent

What does a cook with 20 years of experience do on a year off? if the cook is Darren Hayward, he invents a seasoning company. the idea came from the will to do something special for the wild game and seafood harvested by Darren’s buddies who hunt and fish. with a little local this, and a little local that, Darren blended amazing tastes that are pungent, aromatic, delicate and perfect complements to local game and seafood.

paprika and rosemary harvested

Newfoundland Seasonings was on the shelf in April 2014. Newfoundland Seasonings enables locavores to create meals that are totally local, from the woods and sea to the table. he uses smoked NL sea salt and herbs like juniper, and Darren does the grinding and smoking himself. all seasonings are natural, free of preservatives, contain no MSG, and are gluten-free. the range of Newfoundland seasonings includes: MOOSE SPICE, COD SPICE, DUCK SPICE, PUMPKIN SPICE & STEAK, BURGER & CAESAR SEASONING, as well as the paprika and rosemary harvested elsewhere. no surprise that the all-time-best sellers are moose spice and cod spice.

Darren is keen on helping the community and the environment through their business. Newfoundland Seasonings is local and supports local.. there’s a lot of love in those spices. long ago spice traders explored the world in search of spices, now Darren wants to do the opposite and have Newfoundland Seasonings products follow exported Newfoundlanders! he has shipped product to Hawaii, Georgia, Florida and Virginia and London, and has an inkling to make Newfoundland Seasonings available across the country.

a shelf with shakers of seasoning in it and bags of seasoning on top
a shelf with shakers of seasoning in it and bags of seasoning on top