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St. John’s Soap Works’ Handmade Soap and Gifts

Bath & body soaps handmade by Krista Elliot. Krista’s St. John’s Soap Works line of products includes: 

  • handmade soaps (a variety of gorgeous bars made from ingredients like poppy seeds, lemon, herbs, honey)
  • deodorants)
  • bath salts, body products
  • insect repellants 
  • and way more

How allergic reaction to clearing products spawned a small soap empire

As a teen Krista suffered allergic reactions to conventional cleaning products which is why she started making her own products. This way she could use ingredients that would not set off her allergies. 

She started selling her products at the St. John’s Farmers Market and other local markets around St. John’s. Within the last 22 years she created her own line, started selling locally and now the business has grown into a family affair , and a store-front shop, to keep up with the demand.

Natural, chemical-free clean soap

“People want natural products that are chemical free,” says Krista. Krista’s products differ from more conventional products in that she personally makes all her products from scratch and has full control over what ingredients are used in each product. All St. John’s Soap Works products are made with as many local natural products as available, like honey, herbs, salt and flowers from local vendors

“There is so much being produced locally by really talented and skilled people, it’s a pleasure to make things out of them." Says Krista.

St. John's Soap Works' in the community

Krista is a local activist, and a huge supporter of the local community. Among her hobbies is a Tiny Free Pantry in Mount Pearl, created and stocked by Krista and supported by the community.

What's next for Krista? Maybe for the rest of Canada to enjoy the fine and beautiful St. John’s Soap Works products.

a line of lip balms
rows of different coloured bath bombs
a box of soaps in different coloured wrappers
a line of lip balms
rows of different coloured bath bombs
a box of soaps in different coloured wrappers