The Natural Vibe

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St. John's, CBS, Corner Brook and order online

The Natural Vibe is open for walk-in as an essential business, 10am - 5pm Monday - Saturday, and 12pm - 5pm Sunday. they also offer curbside pickup, and home delivery in St. John’s.

orders for curbside pickup can be placed online (make sure to choose “store pickup” at checkout), or over the phone (709-753-6101)!

health and wellness, green and simple

the Natural Vibe aims to make healthy, lower-footprint living, easy. 

the family-owned, community-centred enterprise started in 1999 in Corner Brook by entrepreneur Paulette Fudge.  two decades later, Megan Kennedy (daughter of Paulette!) and her husband, run two of the three locations and the online shop.

the Natural Vibe seeks and sells good-for-you goods that can be hard to find in smaller centres. they look for locally-made and Canadian products first, but bring in products from all over the world.  each store is different and caters to their community, and Megan and husband aspire to create an atmosphere where people feel like they are listened to and their needs are met. for instance, the downtown store recently expanded, and carries a larger selection of food and lifestyle products. but all share the same vibe - healthy foods, eco-friendly and recyclable products (bamboo toothbrushes, unbleached coffee filters, bees wax candles and recyclable razors), and nutritional supplements.  they launched a fill-your-own-bottle station for shampoo, conditioner, and house cleaners.  they sell cannabis products, salt lamps, and kombucha.

interconnectedness is the message the Vibe continues to share. Megan and the team look forward to collaborating with other individuals and groups to continue to grow the community of healthy and environmentally conscious living.  

check out our Facebook Live at the Healthy Vibe from December 2017.

four women standing in front of the Natural Vibe shop on Water Street
four women standing in front of the Natural Vibe shop on Water Street