healthy take out meals

healthy take-out meals

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Jennifer Wellsman shows love with food

She was always at home in the kitchen.  As a child, Jennifer was the unofficial baker for Christmas treats.  As a teen, she was the family chef on summer vacation.  

She loves the food prep experience - the aromas, the colours, the sounds, the transformation and the assembly.  That’s fun.  

Thyme Catering and Cooking

But it’s that special good mind-body feeling that comes after eating a delicious healthy meal that sustains.  That feeling is what inspired Jennifer to make a business of her happy place:  Thyme Catering and Cooking School.  

Jennifer says, “You know that feeling… you’re starving and you want something NOW but after you eat it feels like o, I wish I didn’t eat that.  We’re striving for the opposite of that. We’re about the food you look forward to eating, enjoy eating, and feel great about afterward. It's the importance of good food."

it's Thyme: healthy take out meals

Located on Torbay Road, Thyme is a big bright shiny commercial kitchen where Jennifer makes that good mind-body feeling come alive for all of her customers and clients. It's the value of home cooking. 

It’s her prep kitchen for Thyme’s catering and grab and go meals, the classroom for cooking students, private event space, and is rent-able and certified for other cooks.

Jennifer says, “We live in busy times. It’s rare for people to have the time and capacity to prep good meals, so often the choice of hangry people is convenient food that doesn’t leave you feeling good. It messes with people's eating habits.” 

Thyme’s Grab and Go meals meet that need.  A changing menu of fresh or frozen soups, stews and casseroles in single servings and family sizes can be picked up at the kitchen or ordered online for delivery. 

Jennifer says, “We offer healthy convenience foods. Adult children love the service for their parents because they know they will have good food without having to prepare it themselves.”

cooking classes for foodies

“Making pasta with friends is a thing,” says Jennifer.  “Communal cooking is becoming a favourite night out for the crowd.  You get to cook together and eat together and you don’t have to do the clean-up.”  Thyme’s adult cooking classes range from Pasta to Pastry to a three-course evening event.

cooking classes for kids

Because she’s their mom, Jennifer’s kids have always been comfortable in the kitchen.  “Being able to prepare food and nourish yourself is an important life skill for kids.”  When she realized their friends were interested in cooking as well, she started cooking classes all through the year and summer and holiday camps for kids.

sustainable cooking practices

“Food is fuel that powers our lives, and by extension, our communities,” says Jennifer.  “Choosing local foods as much as possible, right-sizing portions to avoid waste, and making it easy for people to access nutritious food helps build sustainable communities.” 

fulfilment food

Jennifer gets philosophical:  “Good eating is more than great tasting food and it’s more than healthy food.  It’s a combination that brings together taste, nutrition, and that good, well-nourished feeling that comes after your body and mind are well-cared for.  The value of home cooking, and we add convenience. 

It’s more than filling.  It’s fulfilling. That’s what we want Thyme to bring to the community.


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