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Mary Dut is the entrepreneur behind Together We Shine - a commercial cleaning company. born in South Sudan of the Dinka Tribe, Mary’s culture taught girls to be caretakers of their homes, families and the earth. Many years later as a mother to three boys - she came to Canada as a refugee at 15 - she is using those skills to build a business. in 2020 Angelina Ajok joined Together We Shine.

Mary is thorough in her work and does not miss a spot! she knows that taking care of a space and taking care of the environment should be one and the same, so she uses non-toxic cleaning products. in fact, her favourite cleaning product is healthy enough to eat - vinegar! she loves to use vinegar because it is natural and works on almost everything. Mary finds cleaning to be a soothing process, almost meditative. along with bringing order and harmony to office environments, she and her boys are known to restore order and harmony to outdoor trails.  

Mary believes that there is no solo enterprise.  as the company grows, she wants to employ other women who face barriers to employment due to a language barrier, family responsibilities, or other obstacles. her goal is to help women build their confidence and marketable skills. she says, “when this business really does grow, it’s going to be for all of us.”

right now, Mary and Angelina are working hard to build the company and client base. in the future, they look forward to providing opportunities for women who face barriers, continuing caring for clients health and well-being and be part of a bright future in Newfoundland and Labrador.  

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