community builders

here you’ll find out the stories you never knew about the companies that work throughout the province, and beyond.

guide to the good is here to promote and uplift small companies, but part of the reason that small companies grow is because bigger companies and corporations create jobs, opportunities, move and shake and help shape our culture.

we call them Community Builders.

check back! our Community Builders are growing.

  • Bluedrop builds community - here and everywhere

    Bluedrop builds community - here and everywhere

    The Bluedrop ISM team led by founder Emad Rizkalla is building a stronger community at headquarters in St. John's NL, and around the world through their SkillsPass platform

  • CBDC


    CBDC is a banking buddy to small business, and to the community. CBDC's are small business financing community-based supports that help businesses success with programs, loans, counselling and more.