Bluedrop builds community - here and everywhere

Bluedrop ISM offers life-improving training to people and companies all over the world from headquarters in a restored warehouse on Prescott Street, St. John's.

core values and a scattered uphill road race

Most business people in Newfoundland and Labrador know the name Emad Rizkalla. Way back in the 90s when he founded ZeddComm as a term project, TIME called him one of '8 Young Dynamic Entrepreneurs Who Will Create the 21st Century'.  Before he was 30 he was named as one of Canada's Top 40 under 40.  In 2015 he brought a subsequent company, Bluedrop Performance Learning, to the stock exchange publicly trading as (TSX-V:BLP).

In 2022 Bluedrop Performance Learning became Bluedrop ISM - here's the story.

Bluedrop's mission is To empower people and organizations threatened by a fast-changing labour market to survive and thrive.  

One fifth into the 21st century and TIME's call is looking pretty solid. 

He went to Beaconsfield High School in St. John’s (same circle of friends now as then)  but most townies who finished high school around 1985 know him. His sense of humour and his sense of being - then and now - is legendary.  His fast brain sees opportunity - the possible - everywhere.  He’s friendly and fun, and memorable.  

All of these bits come together to show an amazing entrepreneur who leads an amazing multi-armed software tech company fueled by an atypical collection of company-created core values.  They include never bite your tongue, work hard, laugh harder, roll with it,  be compassionate always and we get it, you have a life.  These values guide Bluedrop's employees through their workdays, and spin off to learners on every continent who have participated in Bluedrop's SkillsPass training platform. 

And this company’s address is 18 Prescott Street, St. John’s.

It’s a restored warehouse on the very steepest part of Prescott in St. John’s with a great old tree from Water Street West standing preserved in the middle of it (roll with it!).  It's got walls of glass and a parking lot snuck underneath. No small feat. But in the context of Bluedrop, no big deal. 

Every now and then there's a Bluedrop competition that sees teams of staff run/walk/wheel up that 60 degree hill.  Bluedrop is the kind of place that makes charging 1 kilometre practically straight up for a t-shirt and glory stories a good idea (work hard, laugh harder).  This type of inspiration isn't policy per se. It’s who they are.  The idea is to create solutions that do new things for more people and have fun and create community while doing it - here and everywhere.  

In the Middle East and North Africa, Bluedrop's work better equips marginalized groups to find meaningful employment. In Latin America and in the US, a Bluedrop platform supports entrepreneurship for women. 

A little closer to headquarters on Prescott Street, Bluedrop’s COVID-19 Work Safe: Best Practices for a Safe Workplace training is making work safer in our time. The COVID-19 Work Safe training is just one of many offerings in Bluedrop's flagship training delivery and certification management platform SkillsPass. Want to know how to sell cannabis?  Or prep food safely?  How about making an workplace accessible?  Check  out

The Bluedrop team is a savvy, smart and connected gaggle or fun-seekers who share goals of work, life, and community that are rewarding, fulfilling and open-ended.  There's a True Blue Bluedrop team dedicated to radiating the compassionate always ethos through the company and far beyond. 

In 2022 Bluedrop was named as one of Canada's Top Small and Medium Employers.

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