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Jumping Bean Coffee Company was about community from the start. in 2005, engineer (and soon to be an entrepreneur) Jeff LeDrew was roasting beans as a hobby and donated some to a Rotary Club fundraiser.

The coffee – Rotary Roast - was a hit, and Jumping Bean began. the following years brought lots of product expansion, company growth, innovation, and bold moves, but the community values stuck. Jumping Bean’s three main roasts are Light House Roast (light), East Coast Roast (medium), and Deep Water Dark (dark). the Screech beans are another hit, and, for some, once they try the Tanzanian, they don’t want anything else. JB also sells specialty coffees made in small batches and organic and fair trade options.

coffee for all

Good coffee is the business, but coffee is often about community. Jumping Bean locations aim to be meeting places that blend cool themes and warm welcomes. local art often hangs on their walls, and local musicians get gigs. the awesome decor is due in part to Canadian furniture and products, and reclaimed wood for tabletops, bars, and lap desks. Jumping Bean works hard to create a good cup of coffee and has lessened the pressure on the environment in doing so. sustainability shows up in the process – engineer Jeff uses a process that creates 85% less CO2 emissions (a pound less CO2 for every pound of beans!). and they’re working on making the process more efficient, targeting close to zero carbon dioxide emissions. the thing about their single-serve coffee pods is that they are 100% compostable. and that’s the first ten years or so.

Jumping Bean is looking west for franchisees and to expand across the Atlantic Provinces and Canada, but still, be entrenched in the community.

jumping bean logo mugs turned upside down
jumping bean logo mugs turned upside down