lunch delivery

order online ~ delivery to St. John’s metro + Cafe at 35 Ridge Road, St. John's

when you just want lunch, get a meal box delivered with no hassle!

Imagine it’s 11:30 am at the office, and you are hungry. you didn’t pack a lunch because you are busy and you don’t feel like settling for an unhealthy option down the road. think about how great it would be if a healthy lunch came right to your desk for $10 or less.  it. is. possible!

“We deliver happy moments to busy lives,” says LunchIn co-founder Jon Butler. the business grew in response to market need in St. John’s for convenient, healthy, balanced meals.  after moving to St. John’s for university, Jon’s LunchIn co-founder Daan Goossens was not feeling great about weight gain due to a dietary shift.  Belgian-born Daan relied heavily on fast foods, and the options he was looking for – fresh healthy, balanced meals – were not accessible.  LunchIn launched in 2015.

There are three different lunchtime services - individual lunchbox delivery (no minimum! one will do it), individual lunchbox subscriptions, and sandwich/wrap trays or lunchboxes for groups.  they deliver healthy lunch options to homes and offices in the St. John’s, Killbride, Mount Pearl area.  all eaters need to do is place the order online by 6 PM the day previous (or Friday for Monday), and voila, lunch shows up between 10:30 and noon. the LunchIn crowd take fruit and vegetables seriously, and those who wish to hold the fruit & veg are charged a fruitless tax.

LunchIn box menus range from tried and true yummy favorites to new taste experiences, from BBQ chicken sandwich (and fixings) to a vegan Budda bowl.  Perrier and coconut water are on the menu as well. LunchIn intends to leave a legacy of good lunches, and works with food-focused start-ups and businesses toward partnerships that promote healthy nutritional consumption. “our model is about physical and mental wellness for individuals, for companies, and for society,” says Jon.  LunchIn is working toward BCorp certification, which is a model of business that solves social and environmental problems as a matter of course. LunchIn is on track to be the first locally-owned BCorp in the province. while LunchIn is focused on the local community market for lunch, there are opportunities to expand the services to breakfast and dinner as well as expanding the courier delivery service.

“Healthy growth is always something in our mind,” says Jon.  

a sandwich apple bottle of water as dessert on a checkered napkin
a sandwich apple bottle of water as dessert on a checkered napkin