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tackling systemic issues to create a more inclusive society

The mandate of the Coalition of Persons with Disabilities in Newfoundland and Labrador(COD-NL) is to advance the inclusion of persons with disabilities in all facets of society. the organization was incorporated in 1983 by persons with disabilities and continues its work today.

COD supports systemic rather than individual advocacy, in other words, they advocate for policy development, shifting attitudes towards people with disabilities, and involving people with disabilities directly in creating and sustaining change. they work with various groups including governmental and non-governmental departments, non-profit and business sectors as well as private citizens.

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The Coalition also operates a social enterprise. it offers training programs on subjects such as Inclusion and Disability Awareness, Inclusive Customer Service, Emergency Preparedness as well as Accessibility and Universal Design Auditing. COD has been offering training and audits for several years to a variety of industries, particularly for businesses offering accessible transportation. in that time they’ve trained hundreds of personnel in what has become a standard for Accessible and Inclusive Service Delivery.

As the Chair member for a Network of 19 Disability Organizations across Newfoundland and Labrador, the Coalition facilitates communication between member organizations and organizes quarterly meetings. COD-NL is also the provincial representative for the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD); a national human rights organization working toward inclusion for Canadians with Disabilities. they look forward to building on the foundation of work from the past 35 years.

a group of people holding hands and a dog
a group of people holding hands and a dog