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environmental network

Since 2011 NLEN has been functioning primarily on a voluntary basis with limited capacity to do their work.   NLEN and supporters are campaigning for reinstatement to the Canadian Environment Network and the Newfoundland and Labrador Environment Network. YOUR VOICE WILL HELP! Send a letter – Click here for the template. 

we can't save the environment without working together

As its name suggests, the Newfoundland and Labrador Environment Network is the entity that connects organizations and people with interests in the environment.  it’s a registered non-profit that was formed in 1996 to advance environmental education and advocacy and to be a hub through which organizations can work together.

Diana Baird, Chair of the Steering Committee says “NLEN creates opportunities for interested parties to unite their voices in the decision-making process, with and through our members. we carry out environmental education initiatives on sustainable development, biodiversity, conservation, climate change, as well as emerging development plans.  NLEN also coordinates presentations and submissions to public hearings, and participation in government task forces.” 

NLEN initiatives include the E-Update Newsletter, which shares information on events, projects, initiatives, funding opportunities, and highlights the work of some of its members. NLEN partners with member companies to advance projects. NLEN and other organizations with environmental interests across the country had a much more visible presence prior to 2011 when funding to the Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) was cut.  the hope is, that in the current climate, funding will be reinstated and NLEN will continue to build capacity among member organizations through training sessions, workshops, and response to member group needs.

Membership is open to non-profit organizations or associations based in Newfoundland and Labrador that hold environmental conservation and protection as an objective and who support the objectives of NLEN.  local companies with relevant operations can join as associate members. community and sustainability are essential to NLEN. 

Diana says, “We offer these services for people, the organizations and for the environment, and we need the community to be sustainable.  in the near future, we would like to get the funding we need to continue to provide our services to environmental organizations in the province. we remain hopeful we will become stronger and continue to help our member groups become stronger as well.”