Planeet Consulting

waste consultation

in Fall 2017, Colombian/Newfoundlander Viviana Ramirez-Luna learned about the zero-waste movement, and her life changed completely. she immediately started taking steps to prevent waste at home with her husband, son, and two cats. after over 14 months, they managed to go from one regular large garbage bag bi-weekly to one monthly, or longer. they continue looking for ways to reduce even further.

wanting to go beyond individual efforts and seeing the need to do something bigger, Viviana founded Planeet Consulting in 2019 to help Newfoundland and Labrador businesses start their waste-reduction journeys. Planeet visits companies and organizations, audits their waste, and help them get certified through Zero Waste Canada - a non-profit that advocates for a world without waste. this process allows Planeet to identify solutions and provide recommendations on ways companies can reduce their waste and get recognition for their efforts. Viviana’s work supports Newfoundland and Labrador’s economy by making it greener and providing jobs through her company. 

Zero Waste certified businesses satisfy their customers by providing them with opportunities to enjoy life while producing little or no waste, make a better planet, engage communities, and advocate for a larger systemic change for waste reduction.

do you want to start your journey and accelerate society towards zero waste? call or email Viviana to talk about how to work together.