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The Dental Hygiene Studio has reopened!

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For some of us, thinking about oral health means thinking about pain and sharp objects and the sound of the drill. but what if we could make the experience more comfortable? perhaps something more like a spa?

That was the vision of Nicole Kielly.  she is a registered dental hygienist, and owner of The Dental Hygiene Studio.  she sees oral health as the coming together of the mouth+body+mind. she says, “my mission is to inspire people to embrace oral health, and enhance overall wellness through disease prevention.”  

In November of 2016, she launched the first holistic independent dental hygiene clinic on Avalon. “as a practicing hygienist, I saw that there were barriers to care -  I focus on helping my clients overcome dental anxiety, mobility restrictions and scheduling restraints.  the Studio makes dental hygiene services more accessible to those who are unable to access care otherwise,” says Nicole.

The Dental Hygiene Studio offers in-office and mobile services including oral health assessments, oral cancer screenings, customized sports mouth-guards/whitening services and periodontal therapy (scaling to remove, hard build, soft deposits and stain). she also offers treatments and advice to help reduce sensitivity and manage dry mouth.

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To enhance the dental hygiene experience and put you at ease, Nicole offers a soothing neck wrap, aromatherapy, and relaxing music. flexible scheduling options make it easier for clients to commit to regular visits, and people love the online booking system with text/email reminders!  direct billing is available to most insurance companies and checking-out is a breeze. the studio also offers all-natural products that enhance your oral health and overall wellness during treatment.

“Under the Gum Irrigant” by Dental Herb is incorporated during ultrasonic scaling; a tool that removes debris and buildup via ultrasonic vibrations instead of a sharp edge. this natural anti-bacterial product helps promote healing and leaves you feeling minty fresh after your hygiene visit. community and sustainability are important to Nicole’s business, and she is putting what she’s learning about social and environmental responsibility into her practice.  

For instance, every client that Nicole sees for a dental hygiene visit at The Studio will receive a “Brush Naked” bamboo toothbrush. these toothbrushes are biodegradable, compostable and are manufactured by a company that supports sustainable living. and the Dental Hygiene Studio hosts Terra Cycle boxes that recycle oral care products.  she is also passionate about supporting local businesses and volunteering in the community. working independently allows her more time and flexibility to volunteer with her professional association as well as with a local Rotary. 

a woman smiling in front of a poster for the dental hygiene studio
a Terra Cycle box to recycle dental care products
a woman smiling in front of a poster for the dental hygiene studio
a Terra Cycle box to recycle dental care products