The Lotus Centre

restoration and wellness

52 Prescott Street and Salmonier Line

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spiritual healing for the mind and soul

In a world where people lead lives of disjointed rush and frazzle, there is a place where they can connect and feel whole.

Halfway down a hill that leads to the safe harbour of St. John’s is The Lotus Centre, a 3rd Floor physical space enveloped in the nature of Newfoundland through the original art of Gerry Squires, giant tropical plants, and a sense that here is where things can shift.   The Lotus Centre is home to a growing community of healing and wholeness for more than two decades.

Meranda Squires is the core of The Lotus Centre  

She’s an eastern-trained yogi, teacher and philosopher with certifications in various relevant disciplines - yoga-teacher training, meditation, enlightenment, and thai bodywork to name a few.  Meranda offers these and other services to individuals and couples in private or group sessions, and through digital technology.  Click here to experience a sample of Meranda's digital outreach work - Wisdom Wednesday

She’s a calming force of nature, and connection to spirituality and evolution is central to her being. She grew up in a Newfoundland lighthouse at one with the wind and the waves of the North Atlantic.  At 20 she travelled to India where for 17 years she trained at the International Meditation Institute in Kullu.  In 2000, she returned to Newfoundland and opened The Lotus Centre.

In 2004, in partnership with Ian Goudie, Meranda and Ian started the Tree of Life retreat centre on Salmonier Line. Click here for Dominque Hurley's video of her time the Tree of Life in August 2020. 

Building on The Lotus Centre community, The Tree of Life is an off-grid restorative place in Nature dedicated to re-connecting people to themselves.  Its architecturally-designed lodge and cabins are built using reclaimed and recycled materials by volunteers. The Tree operates seasonally as an eco-lodge, and year-round as a work-to-stay accommodation, a b&b,  the location of retreats and sessions of The Lotus Centre.  Click here to book through Air B&B 

At The Lotus Centre, at the Tree of Life, and out in the community, Meranda practices her purpose.  She is an eternal student, voraciously studying, travelling and listening and passing it on to her students for their more comprehensive yoga experience within the Lotus Centre’s supportive community.