what is Guide to the Good?

social enterprise for sustainability

guide to the good is the social enterprise of thegreenrock.ca ~ Live Sustainably NL Inc.

guide to the good makes local, social, and green choices accessible to the local community because local, social, and green choices bring sustainability and benefits to communities economically, ethically, environmentally and socially.

it was conceived and developed to create a revenue stream that would support sustainability of thegreenrock.ca and its projects, and serve as a tool to support the mission, vision, and values of thegreenrock.ca.

guide to the good revenue streams include: 

  • membership - eligible companies come on as directory listings (no charge), Change Makers (flagship offer), Growers, and custom programs are available. 
  • community builders - leading established companies and organizations come on as trailblazers, ground breakers, and legacy partners. their contributions make the no-charge directory listings possible, and they grant no-charge profiles to companies. 
  • hub sponsors - companies committed to focus areas contribute and enable the hubs to exist.
  • grants and sponsorship – thegreenrock.ca and guide to the good invites partnership with like-minded organizations to progress toward achieving common goals.
  • donations and crowdfunding - guide to the good is available to the public at no-charge. if you like what you see you can help us keep doing it! check out our donation link ~ and keep an eye out for g2g crowdfunding campaigns!    
Guide To The Good Members Options
Guide To The Good Community Leaders. Trail Blazers, Ground Breakers, Legacy Makers.
Guide To The Good Hub Sponsors.
Guide To The Good Community. Individuals, companies, and organizations helping local communities.

what makes us a social enterprise?  

  • we make market presence affordable for locally owned, locally-operated, locally-headquartered companies that bring benefits to communities. as recipient of $120,000 US per annum in Google Ads grants through the Google for Non-Profits program, we are able to exponentially improve market presence for local companies, here and everywhere! 
  • local is important everywhere, so 5% of revenue generated through memberships are shared with local entrepreneurs in developing countries through a microfinance program.
  • revenue generated supports projects of thegreenrock.ca ~ Live Sustainably NL.