5 cent 1946 rare coin

LikeCoins? The 1946 Newfoundland 5 cent piece is a real collector item

The 5 cent Piece de Resistance!  The 1946 Newfoundland Nickel is a very rare coin.  It has a low mint volume, and depending on its condition, that five cents can be worth $1000. (There's one listed on ebay for $10,000!)

Newfoundland had its own currency from 1865 to confederation with Canada in 1949.   

In March 2022 we checked in with Andrew Corbett of Maverick Sports and Collectables to get the Inside Scoop on the '46 nickel.

Maverick Sports and Collectibles at 250 Water Street is well known place for sports collectables, but Andrew and team also specialize in collectible Candian and Newfoundland coins.

Specifically, the store collects stamps and Candian and Newfoundland coins.

what’s so interesting about Newfoundland coins?

It used to be that people came across old Newfoundland coins on the regular.  Not so much these days.  Collectors from Canada and the US have cottoned to the joy in Newfoundland coins a while back, and they aren't printing anymore!  Another value note, all the Newfoundland coins except for the copper penny have silver in them. 

Another interesting thing with Newfoundland coins - they didn't make them every year. For Canadian coins, you'll find coins all through the years, but there is a lot of years when no Newfoundland coins were created - especially, in the 1920s and '30s.  There was a Newfoundland 20 cent piece there for a while.

finding the coin value

Andrew buys and sells coins, but even if you're not interested in selling, he'll take a look at it and let you know what kind of condition he thinks it's in and what the value could be. Bring in rare coins such as the 1946 Canadian nickel and he can tell you that 1946 canadian nickel's value.

The detail makes a difference!  Visible details in the coin’s design (hair or the King's crown) is a sign of better condition.  A coin in 'better' conditions can be worth four times the value of the same coin with faded details.

buying rare coins and coin gear

Many of Andrew's customers are committed collectors, but often people are looking for a specific coin for a specific purpose, like the year of someones' birth.

And Maverick sells the packaging for display and preservation. 

A bit of precious metal, a bit of Newfoundland history, and a bit of memorabilia.  Altogether it makes a great gift!  


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