Remembrance Day Tree Plant 2022

community gathers today - a forest of Remembrance tomorrow

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Join Guide to the Good, Junior Forest Wardens and friends as we return to Ricketts Bridge on Remembrance Day to plant seedlings in the Remembrance Day Tree Plant.

This year we're delighted to have Special Guest Emma Walsh, Guide from Canada's National Historic Sites Beaumont Hamel and Vimy, France share stories from her time in France.

We're also delighted to welcome students from Gonzaga!

Ricketts Bridge is named in honour of Tommy Ricketts, Newfoundland WWI soldier who was awarded the Victoria Cross and other medals for his service. Last year, each tree seedling was planted in honour of he and all the others who sacrificed so much.

Video: watch the Guide to the Good, Junior Forest Wardens (JFW), and friends plant trees seedlings at the 2021 Remembrance Day Tree Plant 

Our Hope for the Future

The event is built around fostering community engagement, environmental benefits, getting people into the great outdoors and honouring those who have come before.

We look forward to seeing the evergreens reclaim the space for nature, create a habitat for wildlife, offer protection to the roadways and aid in carbon sequestration to help the planet and all the people who live here.

As time passes and the trees grow, we hope that one day, those who travel via Torbay International Airport will pass through the Remembrance Forest.

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Check out the 2021 Remembrance Day Plant Video - JFW Remembrance Tree Plant 2021

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