St. John's Zero Waste Festival

materials recovery is key to Zero Waste. here's things you can bring that will be put to good use!

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You know that stuff you've been holding on to because you know it doesn't belong in the landfill?

Maybe it will find its place at the Zero Waste Festival!

Here's what we're looking for....

(and don't forget your water bottle!)

  • Small Appliances

    • Kitchen Appliances, Vacuums
  • Air Scent Products

    • Wipe packaging, air pumps & caps, air fresheners & refill cartridges
  • Coffee Bean bags

    • Flexible packaging that beans come in
  • Personal Hygiene Containers

    • Packaging for deodorant, soap, mouthwash, floss, toothpaste tubes, flossers, toothbrushes
  • Old & Broken Tools

    • Power tools, hand tools, blades
  • Batteries

    • All batteries
  • Small Plastics

    • Pop caps, bread clips
  • Aluminum can tabs

  • Cotton and flannel material (for rags for Clean Start)

  • Vases 

  • Make-up packaging

  • Unwearable clothing



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The St. John’s Tool Library in partnership with Association Communautaire Francophone de St. Jean and with the support of MMSB and in collaboration with Guide to the Good and others are hosting Newfoundland and Labrador’s first Zero Waste Festival! October…