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social enterprise takes social and environmental into account

Guide to the Good features organiziations that connect community and elevate toward opportunity and sustainability, so all of us can thrive.


growing social enterprise at Memorial University

The idea is that, in consumption-based society, we need to take into consideration the social and environmental consequences of actions. Social enterprise takes it all into account.

Based at Memorial University, the Centre for Social Enterprise is a resource for those who want to build social value into their business model. it acts as a catalyst to nurture social entrepreneurs, strengthen social enterprises and drive social innovation in Newfoundland and Labrador.

A unique partnership between the Faculty of Business Administration, the School of Music and the School of Social Work, the CSE seeks to enhance the quality of the human experience through social enterprise and social innovation.

They take a mixed approach to teaching, learning and fostering research that builds bridges between the different disciplines toward stronger supports for our growing social enterprise sector.

MBA in Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Memorial's MBA in Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship is a key initiative supported by the CSE.  Another of the centre’s favourite projects, the Social Innovation Challenge, in partnership with the United Church Foundation of Canada, provides an opportunity for participants to pitch their ideas for an initiative that would positively affect the community.  In 2016 thegreenrock.ca (Guide to the Good – that’s us!) participated in the challenge and came away with ideas, resources and a much stronger network.

The centre also actively provides work placement opportunities in social enterprises to both undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines

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Centre for Social Enterprise

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