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come home to NL art

Newfoundland and Labrador artists share our stories with the world.  Come home to see it all up close.

Like it says on the Come Home website, Whether you’re a born and bred Newfoundlander and Labradorian, or an adventurer who feels an inexplicable pull to our province, there are always new wonders to explore. It would take a lifetime to truly experience all the marvels of this place. 

To help you out, we are sharing Come Home 2022 Guide to the Good style and highlightings a few of our members' local art, food, and experiences for those looking for 'em.  

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First up - Newfoundland and Labrador artists.

Newfoundland-inspired art in New Perlican - Open Studio

Once of the many cool things about many Newfoundland artists is  how they practice what they create.  Eileen Balsom-Matthew does that.  Her work is bright, welcoming, and brings a shot of joy to the everyday, and if you’re driving through New Perlican and you see a sign that says, ‘Open Studio’, you’ll get to experience all that first hand.

Eileen Balsom Matthews of New Perlican is the artist behind NERRL Hand Painted Designs

She paints Newfoundland puffins, whales, row houses and NERRL's trademarked 'Crooked Fishing Stages' on canvas, glass, slate, wood, crockery, and upcycled bottles to create fun art pieces for everyday living. 

Eileen is famous for transforming old bottles, wood, and other materials into art and selling them word wide. People can also buy prints of Eileen's sold-out originals, coasters, key holders, and Newfoundland Christmas hangers. 

Learn more about her art for #ComeHome2022 by watching the video below, or clicking HERE.   

And keep an eye out for her Open Studio sign!



The Bee Sisters - traditional Newfoundland craft

Chances are, if you’ve ever woken on a cold morning in a saltbox house near the ocean in outport Newfoundland, you know the joy of a Newfoundland quilt. 

For generations these works of art, with their weight, their colour, and their come-what-may patterns brought warmth and comfort to the night.  

Newfoundland artists The Bee Sisters - Bern and ‘B’ know the experience.  Born to Stephenville, they learned it from their nan and mom, and now share their skills with the world.  They make a variety of quilts, afghans, and other traditional knits and goods.  

They create custom orders.

traditional Newfoundland patchwork quilt on a clothesline


Dominique Hurley - artist and lightworker

Dominique Hurley is an acclaimed artist and lightworker who uses spirituality to express her visions through painting and photography.  People around the world follow her work, and her YouTube channel.

And she’s entrenched in community - her work was on exhibit in the St. John’s metro area through April 2022 with the Community Spirit Treasure Hunt.

Dominique fell in love with the intuitive painting process in the late 80s, at about the same time as she started taking energy healing and other spirituality workshops. She is also the godmother of the 2018 Atlantic Visual Arts Festival in NB and won an NL Arts & Letters Award for her painting “Every Dot A Prayer” in 2019. 

Her clients and fans say that her intuitive visionary art has helped them move forward. 

Learn more about her art for #ComeHome2022 here

vibrant blue Dominique Hurley original


John MacCallum, Newfoundland artist 

John MacCallum’s  artist statement reads, ‘I believe that innate within us is the desire to record what we see…’, and he does that.  

The St. John’s-born artist holds a Master's degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and practices in a broad range of media, from charcoal to installations to furniture.

John uses a variety of traditional and non-traditional media for his work. He is well-known for his portraiture and captures the essence of his subjects through a unique combination of studied technique,  trained skill, and empathy for his models, family, nature and social justice.  

John’s is currently working on a large scale installation project planned for exhibition in fall 2022.  His collection can be viewed online HERE  A selection of his smaller works are on exhibit at The Leyton Gallery on Beck’s Cove, downtown St.  John’s. 

Learn more about John MacCallum and his art HERE.

charcoal portrait by John MacCallum


Destination Tors Cove - Running the Goat artist printshop and publisher 

The story of Running the Goat Books and Broadsides is a tale unto itself, but the focus of Marnie Parsons’ publishing company is other stories.  Running the Goat is an award-winning publisher of books (hand-made and commercially printed) by renowned artists and illustrators. 

And it's a destination. The printshop and bookstore on Cove Road in Tors Cove is the happy, bright home to  three printing presses (O the stories they have told - and continue to tell) where old wooden handles, big iron levers, weight and repetition get the message out as they have for generations.  

The shop sells printed art,  hand-made books, craft, and other local treasures. 

Running the Goat printshop and bookstore in Tors Cove


Next up is Come Home to Newfoundland Food 2022.

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