Comfort Food

In the pandemic month of March, we recorded food makers serving YYT talking about aspects of food and food business - growing, producing, scaling, and rising to the challenge.

Our food system connects business, culture, opportunity, hope, despair and joy.  Its threads weave long and strong - and vulnerable.  Through snowmaggedon, then COVID, 2020 underscored the fact that building sustainability into our food system is vital to our food security and comfort. The business of food nourishes our community economically, societally, and through health and well-being. 

We have a rich and diverse community of food entrepreneurs whose contribution is integral to healthy communities.  Choosing local food producers builds stronger communities.

June 15, 2021

SCALE- Entrepreneur Chris Conway of Landwash Brewery on making big leaps when big leaps need to be made! 

June 1, 2021

Big Opportunities - Sarah Crocker, Project Co-ordinator with Food First NL on the possibilities of what can happen when food entrepreneurs get going.

In the coming weeks we'll release videos with

Elena Diyanova of Newfound Perogies, Carolyn Power of Lester’s Farm Market, Chris Conway of Landwash Brewery, Jennifer Wellsman of Thyme Catering and Cooking School, Evan Murray of Murray Meadows Farm, and Sarah Crocker of Food First NL



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Guide to the Good

Comfort Food - Entrepreneurs Nourish Community is an Eat the City YYT project of ~ Live Sustainably NL, produced by Guide to the Good with support from Food First NL. Videos by Kurt Patey.