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Inside Scoop with Raven Warren

We got the Inside Scoop on counselling and SOAR with Raven Warren live and in person July 7, 2022 from her very soothing office in St. John's.

Raven Warren is a great listener. She’s a counsellor with SOAR, and she’s there to support people in trades with her skills. One of the first things she likes to do is clarify what counselling is - and what it isn’t.

SOAR is a project of the Murphy Centre developed to support people in the skilled trades.

In this Inside Scoop video, recorded July 2022 from her office in St. John’s, Raven shares the story of what counselling is, and some of the ways it works. It’s a beautiful thing!

Video: Raven Warren of SOAR gives the Inside Scoop on Mental Health

SOARs counselling service is available to people working in trades at no charge.  Sessions can take place in person (St. John’s metro), online, or over the phone. Call or email Raven at 727-4050 or to schedule an appointment.

Video: Raven Warren of SOAR gives helpful tips for stressful moments

In this video, Raven shares tips for stressful moments that anyone can practice any day, any time.   

Let's say something happened to trigger some kind of distress maybe there was some kind of interpersonal conflict they're feeling really overwhelmed by emotions... I might encourage them to close their eyes if they feel safe to do so to take a deep breath slowly and you might count to four as you're breathing in hold it on four and then breathe out four. I might do that with them four or five times practice just getting a second to just breathe and let your body calm down.


A Guide to the Good production. Video by Melissa Wong. July 2022

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