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Inside Scoop with Marnie Parsons

We got the Inside Scoop on Running the Goat Books and Broadsides, and cool things to do in Tors Cove from Marnie Parsons, live and in person June 24, 2022 from the shop at 50 Cove Rd, Tors Cove.

Marnie's Inside Scoop on publishing hand made books:

  • Handmade books are really tactile and that's actually what got me into letterpress printing
  • The pleasure of thinking about a book as a physical thing - so paper is a really fun and beautiful and even just the type is really fun to set and hold.  You sort of just get a sense of the history of how books and printing happened. 
  • It's really fun to see the old presses in operation
  • I'm always happy to show people how they work and talk a little bit about the different types of presses and that history of printing books."   
  • Visitors are welcome at Running The Goat Bookshop in Tors Cove!

Where are great places to go in Tors Cove?

  • A wonderful craftsperson is Jaclyn Humphries of Hillside Fine Craft. She has opened up a studio at 22 Back Rd, Tors Cove, NL. She does beautiful jewelry making and metalsmithing. Drop by to see her production, how she works, and other wonderful local crafts she promotes.
  • The East Coast Trail - it is just minutes away from Running the Goat Books
  • The old Harbour - go down to the pier and enjoy the view of the islands. Sometimes you'll see seals and whales. There's always something happening down the harbour.


Marnie's Honourable Mentions include:

  • Come down for Sheep Day. Every summer, local farmers bring the sheep down to the islands just off the coast. Marnie likes to watch the Sheep go off to the islands.
  • The Cribbies - go to the famous little Cribbies houses. The little red house in Little White House is just minutes from Running the Goat. Marnie sends a lot of people down because a lot of people stop by every year looking for those little houses.   Check out this blog from an amazing forage with Ross Larkin and Celeste Mah from a few years back!


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