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Five Ways Guide to the Good does digital for locals

Kurt Patey Video, 2021


Are you a local company wanting to grow its market share? Guide to the Good is here for you! We're digital specialists and we use tech to make marketing affordable for local companies.

There are five ways we do it: 

First, we get you to show up on internet searches. We make you findable. Most choices these days start with a search. Our member profiles show up through great search engine optimization. We've had more than half a million hits in the past six months and that translates to business opportunities for our members.

Second, we share your stories. We show people who you are, we create great original content for the site, and we refresh it often. Visitors like that and so does Google.

Third, we put you out there. We use social media community outreach and collaboration to promote Guide to the Good members and actions and we set members up on Google My Business, that great sleepy giant of the internet, so Google remembers who you are.

Fourth, we support members through training. Guide to the Good supports members through free digital marketing workshops and opportunities to collaborate and lots of information to help local companies take advantage of great growth opportunities.

Fifth, we use paid promo - and along with traditional advertising. Guide to the Good leverages our 120 thousand dollar Google adwords grant to promote members in Newfoundland and Labrador and all around the world for export opportunities it all starts at

Our site is custom-built on a mod x platform with high-end database functionality. It's robust fast user-friendly and extremely secure. It's also very busy Guide to the Good pages get over a thousand visits per week. Guide to the Good - we're making change. We're winning awards. We're making marketing affordable for local companies and we're helping build a resilient future in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

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Guide to the Good is the social enterprise of ~ Live Sustainably NL.

We built it because local, social and green because local, social, and green bring big benefits to communities! Economic benefits, environmental benefits, ethical benefits, and social benefits - and that's good for everyone!

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