downtown - it's us feature wrap-up

downtown St. John's

we call it the oldest City in North America

and in Rosemary House's 'Rain, Drizzel and Fog', Mary Walsh said her father said St. John's was a City when New York was a mudhole.  

St. John's is and always has been a rock star. early sailors found the way in to the sheltered  harbour through walls of rock. cobbled stone made the lower path - early name of Water Street - passable a hundred or so years ago and in the spring of 2019 in the big little dig/the little big dig the roads were again rock uphove.  what would become St. John's the Capital stretched up steep from the harbour in magnificent paths of least resistance where people setttled and set up shop and built houses - colourful perhaps, but not as colourful as they are now - and built churches and neighbourhood. a lot of churches. up until the 80s there were 10 churches between Harvey Road, Quidi Vidi Road and Springdale Street - a distance of less than three kilometres. 

often there is rain, drizzle and fog, but as Republic of Doyle has shown the world, the sun shines and when it is more magnificent than any other place. and people and the place took on the characteristsics of each other. sharp, friendly, unique, interconnected.  downtown.  it's us.

we could't think of a better way to launch the all-new guide to the good than with a feature on the most magical spot downtown.

the g2g downtown video*

  • 'downtown ~ it's us' was shot on a sunny day in downtown St. John's in the summer of 2019 by our Campaign Coordinator Natalie Haire. how many g2g companies can you spot?

*the musician playing the accordion, Donnie Tucker,  passed in November 2022.  he is missed. 

the podcast

  • downtown will be a topic in our upcoming golo10 podcast. stay tuned!

look for the good   

community think tank

  • the question featured in the downtown community think tank was ~ what brings you downtown?
  • the results were:
  • shopping (23.8%)
  • great food (31.7%)
  • vibe & social (33.3%)
  • the waterfront (11.1%)

inside scoop ~ trade tips from the experts

  • what do people need to know about downtown?  people need to know that parking is plentiful!  and Gaylynne Gulliver of Downtown Development Commission shares the inside scoop.

the links

downtown ~ it's us  feature wrap-up


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