the downtown treasure hunt

See the winners of the guide to the good downtown treasure hunt! #GoLocalBeVocal

In July, we organized a Downtown Tresure Hunt and filmed the winners reciving their prizes - prizes donated by local downtown businesses. You can find their customers growing, creating and enjoying the Downtown Pedestrian Mall!

The Guide to the Good ~ Downtown Activation Station Treasure Hunt Winners 

Big Winners - Margaret and Sam collect thier first-place prizes from Melissa Wong and Amanda Russel at the guide to the good Downtown Actionation Station brought to you by local businesses!


In the summer of 2020, the City of St. John's may have closed off part of Water Street to allow businesses to thrive despite COVID-19, but it became more. People loved it and enjoyed the opportunity to safely see other people in a space that linked them all together. For some, it was vital to their mental during hard times. 

So many different people were excited when it opened again in 2021. The Pedestrian Mall gave organizations such as guide to the good (g2g) a change to play games and have fun with their supporters. This year, g2g partnered with downtown businesses to create a Downtown Treasure Hunt for people of all ages to help strenght this community. 

Of all the people to go on this Treasure Hunt, two young pirates-in-the-making faced the challenges with determination and collected all the puzzle pieces. Watch us celebrate their victory that was made possible by the local businesses who took this opportunity to connect and donate all this loot!

Downtown Treasure Hunt Loot:

Habs T-Shirt from Maverick Sports and Collectables 

Dark Tickle Jam and 2022 Calendar from Heritage Shop on Water Street

Puffin Pashima Scarf and Puffin Book from Johnny Ruth

$40 Gift Certificate from Elaine's Books

$25 Gift Certificate from Modern Shoe Hospital 

Swashbuckling Tie Clip from Chafe & Sons Menswear

Kids Pedicure from Soothe Downtown Spa


Our Downtown Pedestrian Mall is a place where locals do business, explore their culture, local opportunities and enjoy the downtown neighbourhood in a fun new way.

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Our downtown entrepreneurs are vital to healthy communities. Choosing local businesses builds strenght!

Go Local Be Vocal 

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