Five Great Local Father's Day Gifts for Dad

local love for dad this Father's Day

If you're looking for a little something to say 'yes b'y' to the one who did the good dad things on Father's Day or any day, there are great local options.


Local Gifts for Sports Fan Dad

If he's sports fan, coin collector, dart aficionado or collector, go see Andrew Corbett down at Maverick on Water Street.  Official sports gear, dart supplies, coins and a great chat.

man watching sports on tv

Local Gifts for Fresh Clean Dad

Mudder knows what Dad wants!  Check out Mudder's Soap Father's Day Gift set.  Soaps that will brighten dad's day every time he hops in the shower. And he will smell really nice with natural scents, or no scent at all!

a man singing in the shower wearing a shower cap.

Local Gifts for Foodie Dad

For the dad who's happy in the kitchen, give him some great ingredients to make something really special.  Nancy down at Food For Thought  has an great selection of farm fresh meats, and imported speciality items that you can't get most places!

happy man wearing apron cooking in kitchen

Take a Hike with Outdoors Dad

If your dad guy is the walk in the woods type, take a hike!  Any hike on the East Coast Trail will make the day memorable.   Check out The Outfitters for great gear to set you up for any adventure.

happy man at the top of a mountain

Grow with Garden Dad

If your dad likes a great garden, give him the gear!  There's loads to learn at Memorial's Botanical Garden and you can take home the annuals, perennials, and shrubs from Holland Nurseries! Perfect timing!  Father's Day 2023 is the 18th, and the right date to put those annuals outside is not before the second full moon, June 20! 

man with shovel,two young kids, and a wheelbarrow.  gardening

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