JFW Friends Plant Seedlings

seedlings today, trees tomorrow

The Junior Forest Wardens program (JFW) is about adults and children of all ages enjoying the outdoors together. Clubs are self-organized and supported by JFW with equipment and resources.

As part of the Junior Forest Wardens Fall 2021 Tree plant, JFW friends in St. John's and Paradise dropped some seedings.

Fun Fact: Trees utilize CO2 from fossil fuel combustion to grow...... it takes two football fields of seedlings that grow to over 10 feet tall to absorb the annual emissions from the average car.

St. Mary's Elementary plant

Brian McShane, Chair of Junior Forest Warden ~ Newfoundland and Labrador, led a plant at St. Mary's Elementary.  It was part of their local environmental awareness and sustainability initiative.

On November 16th, Brian McShane and the St. Mary's Elementary group had a tree plant. Fortunately, it was a nice sunny warm day!

McShane identified an appropriate area of the field adjacent to the school that could accommodate the seedlings.  As the seedlings grow it will be a great asset for the property.

The location at St. Mary's Elementary was ideal as the students will be able to watch the growth of the seedlings as they themselves grow while at the school, and can come back to visit in years ahead. 

The school had recently acquired a small greenhouse and is educating students in a hands-on manner regarding the science of growing plants as well as the value of nature to society. Planting seedlings fits nicely into their program.

The classes came out to the field one by one and each student planted one seedling on the school property.


Sparkes and Guides plant in Paradise

1st Paradise Sparks and Guides got in on the planting action as part of their outdoor adventure.

The Sparks group and the Guide group planted two trays each.  Most of the girls had been involved with planting before and welcomed the opportunity to get in on the growth with the JFW plant.  Environmental care and connection with nature is a fundamental part of the Girl Guide movement.


friends at Saint Luke's plant

Saint Luke's Community Living also organized a plant of about a dozen seedlings as part of a local environmental awareness and sustainability initiative.

Saint Luke's is a housing complex for seniors sixty and over.

A manager as St. Luke's learned of the JFW program and engaged a St. Luke's plant on bright sunny day at the end of November.  It was a late plant, but a warm fall meant that the ground was still good for the seedlings.  Time spent outside is always good, and as the seedlings grow those trees can help reduce stress, help lower blood pressure and enhance the natural atmosphere around the community.  Trees make people happy!



The Junior Forest Wardens program is about family outdoor adventure and ecology.  Wardens are school-aged, and it's an awesome way to get teens outdoors and connected to nature.

The seedlings came from the province, and the planting was sponsored by Canadian company Batesville,who are long-time supporters of the JFW plant.

For more information on the Junior Forest Wardens, or if you're interested in getting involved, visit the Junior Forest Warden g2g profile.

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