2020 vision

hindsight is 20/20!  how often have we heard that?  how often have we said that?  how easy is it to see clearly when we look back? 

but as of midnight, it's not hindsight that's 2020, it's the present! 

we have 365 days to live it (2020 is a leap year).  let's use that 2020 vision (and that extra day) to leap ahead and  create a future worth looking forward to for all of us and those who have yet to come. 

from where we see at guide to the good, it starts where feet connect with the ground, where people connect with those around, and where the land and sea and sky support us.  it starts in our local communities, and it starts with every one of all of us.

that's not always easy, and it's not always easy to remember so today we're sharing a set of g2g guidelines we use to move forward.  adjust and adapt to suit what works for you!

happy 2020! 

originally cultivated as guidelines to ease children into the teen years. created at no charge using wordart.com
  • be kind to yourself
  • be kind to others
  • eat breakfast, lunch and supper everyday
  • eat food that grew
  • sleep enough. get up
  • go outside and move around everyday for at least half an hour / look around when you’re out there
  • make your space a welcoming place
  • take care of things that are important to you
  • keep up to date on work
  • cultivate interests that you enjoy with others
  • cultivate interests that you enjoy by yourself
  • contribute your skills and talents at home, at school and work, and in the community
  • do things that you don’t feel like doing but make you feel good after
  • do your best
  • know you are loved

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kim todd

Kim Todd is the founder and CCO of thegreenrock.ca ~ Live Sustainably NL Inc., and guide to the good social enterprise.