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Top Tips for Shopping Season Hits 2021

The joy of giving is pretty universal, but its precursor - the season of shopping - calls up different reactions from different people.

To help shoppers out we’re sharing an original series 'Top Tips for Shopping Season Hits' with posts from a wide variety of shopping types, and many wonderful ways to buy, eat and experience local.  

Next up is Kelly Bavis a Newfoundlander living in Katy, Texas. She is a fan of going green, hand-made, and Newfoundland gifts.

We are a family of four Newfoundlanders in Katy, Texas.  We’re usually home a couple of times per year, but the pandemic interrupted the pattern.  Fortunately our youngest and I made it home last summer for an extended time.  

It’s always hard to be away at Christmas, but there’s great satisfaction in finding ways to have a Newfoundland Christmas in Katy.  This year I’m going green, Newfoundland-ish, and online ordering. 

green, Newfoundland, and online gifts

A few years ago, in an effort to be more green, I decided to give gifts that people can eat.  Green and Eat come together nicely. 

And one good thing with the pandemic is that local companies have invested in ways to get their products to customers.  We can order online, and companies can ship to family in NL, and to here.

home made gifts

For my Texas friends, and our own table, I’m making Newfoundland Christmas Baskets.  I love to make cookies and cake as well as Newfoundland specialities. The sweet mustard pickle crisis of 2016 was a game-changer, so I’m happy to be able to make and share my own supply. My mother Angela showed me how to make it years ago, and now it’s really cool that Cran-Pac Foods produces cranberries commercially so that’s part of the story.  Newfoundland Cranberry Sauce Recipe

I wrap the works in a piece of cellophane and add a package of Mt. Scio Farm Savory - supply bought in the summer - and top off with a big red and green ribbon.

family and friends in Newfoundland and all over

Growing up, my mother knit for us and every Christmas there would be something new for hands, feet, and head.  I don’t knit, but I can share that warm loved feeling with my family and friends at home and all over by ordering from NONIA online. They will deliver most anywhere, and the mittens, socks, and hats are fairly light and easy to ship.  It makes great gift-giving very easy.

gifts from home

Another great thing about ordering online is that my family and friends can order for me!  

My favorite gifts to receive are a book from a Newfoundland author.  There are two great new releases from local author Susan Flanagan - Supermarket Baby (Flanker Press) and Degrees of Barley Lick (Running the Goat). And Elaine’s Books online has a great collection of books with Newfoundland connections.  Jewelry from Whink (ships internationally) and a box of Newfoundland Chocolate Company chocolates would be lovely.    

These gifts always make me feel closer to home.


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