go local ~ be vocal

golo10 is the campaign that encourages people to increase local choices by 10%, and to share their stories. golo is 'go local' 10 means increase by 10%

for some people that could mean going to a local restaurant for the first time, for another it might mean going to a market twice a week. the objective is to increase local choices and no matter what way you do it, let others know that you're rocking the local! 

for the people of NL, local is home to amazing strengths that the world is looking for: fresh air, clean water, open space, community connections. we are also a hub of innovation an ingenuity:  smart people are starting things all over NL.  this is good because

  • local brings economic, environmental, ethical, and social benefits to communities.
  • when we choose local we invest in a strong, resilient community

people love hearing about local - so we're challenging everyone to go local and be vocal!  here's how:

then be vocal!  share how you did your golo10 on social media with #golo10!  tag us - we'll share!


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golo10 encourages the community to grow their local choices by 10% because local brings benefits, and to tell others what they're doing! go local ~ be vocal. ng and how they're doing it!