#golo10 feature

go local, be vocal!

golo10 is the campaign that encourages people to increase local choices by 10%, and to share their stories. golo is 'go local' 10 means increase by 10%

for some people that could mean going to a local restaurant for the first time, for another it might mean going to a market twice a week. the objective is to increase local choices and no matter what way you do it, let others know that you're rocking the local! 

the intro livestream

  • we introduced the golo10 with a sleigh ride at Lester's Farm Chalet on January 12! 

the golo10 video

  • we started talking golo at the launch of the new g2g platform back in 2019.  the golo10 video - shot by Natalie Haire - starts there. find out what people are doing to golo10! 

the golo10 infographic

VOCM Sunday Drive with Darrell  Power

look for the good

community think tank

  • we asked and you answered! 
  • the #golo10 feature community think thank question was 'how will you increase your local by 10%?'
  • here's what you had to say:

inside scoop ~ trade tips from the experts

  • what do people need to know about going local?  people need to know that supporting your local community comes in many forms!  here we are talking with Dr. Tom Cooper of Memorial's Faculty of Business and a smart, pro-local kind guy about the economic - and other benefits of choosing local - and we do a little run-through of the #golo10 infographic!

stories ~ golo on the go

  • hear from our community's movers and shakers about going local in their lives.
  • get the low down on guest writer James Byrne's favourite 'fisn 'n chips' spots.
  • see #snowmageddon through the eyes of one local family.


  • we spread the #golo10 love all over!
  • we were loud and proud about about going local at The EXTRAordinary Women with Susan Sparkes 'Making our Mark' lunch. 
  • we had the opporunity to share our theatre hub,10 000 seats, with the local theatre community at PerSIStence Theatre's 'Working With Respect' conference.


the #golo10 wrap up Facebook Live

  • what a month it has been! 
  • our campaign coordinator Natalie Haire came on Facebook Live to fill everyone in on what we've been up to 
  • in case you missed in, check it out here

and more... 


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