golo10 round-up

golo10 is the Guide to the Good challenge that celebrates local choices, and invites people to increase their local choices by 10%! here's a round-up of how people are doing it!

Breanna Allen, TVAL Skincare, 05/08/2020

Tarek Abdulkarim, Shaalan.JPEG 29/07/2020

Sophie Wells, Oliver's Farm 22/07/2020

Marlene Power, East Coast Trail and Tinkers Ice Cream Shop, 15/07/2020

Mel Champagne, Rocket Bakery 09/07/2020

Sarah Ferber, Green Farm NL 02/07/2020 #getgrowing - new design by Omar Abdelkhalek

Susan Flanagan 05/06/2020

Kim Shipp, 13/05/2020

Vivana Ramirez, Planeet Consulting - 05/05/2020

Gavin Will, Boulder Books - 28/04/2020

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