what's good - August 2021

what's good - a mini round-up of good things on the go around now with the gals of Guide to the Good - Amanda Russell, Melissa Wong and Kim Todd

Squid Jigging

Everyone in Newfoundland and Labrador has heard of squid-jigging, and this year it became THE thing to do.  So one night just after dark in mid-August, Amanda and fam did the jigging from the wharf in Bonavista Harbour. First time!  Some ink was spilled when they came up, but the little creatures latched on to the line with their tentacles.  Five year old Sofie loved it.

six squid in a stainless steel sink. tentacles removed.
a sweet kid counting squid.

St. John's Gardening

Way back in the spring Melissa’s sourced some nasturtium seeds from the Arts & Culture Centre seed library, and they are growing mad!  Check back for the blog on her Summer 2021 gardening foray!

leaves of nasturtium growing in soil

Railway Station Field Trip

thegreenrockers had a little planning session at the Railway Station, the new site of Genesis Co-working.  Great space and service, and a really cool hub of companies that are moving forward.  And outside there's a good old Newfoundland Railway Caboose!  More about that at the Railway Coastal Museum.

Newfoundland Railway Caboose on site at the Newfoundland Railway Museum, St. John's

Royal Re-creation

There was a bit of splendor outside City Hall when a film set shot us back in time to when Diana, Princess of Wales and Prince Charles visited St. John’s in 1983.  This happy sight was yet another benefit of the film and production activity!

The Royal Re-creation at City Hall in 2021, and the actual event in 1983.

Out for A Spin

Beth of Angora Borealis is doing magical things down at Quidi Vidi Plantatation.  For instance, she spins angora wool from rabbits she lovingly keeps and knits gorgeous things from it.  With feet and hands going in time, her fitbit must be off the charts!

A woman sitting in a sunny corner spinning yarn from wool.

Picking Black Currants

The hot August has pumped up the picking! Black Currants are high in antioxidants and made the most luscious jelles and jams.  At Kim's house, daughter Lucy, husband Finn, and friend Ben harvested the beloved bush.  If your backgarden doesn't have its own crop of black currants, check out The Jam Lady - she'll kit you out with fabulous black currant preserves. 

a young woman, a bearded man and a young man picking black currants from a backyard bush in St. John's

Quilt Rescue

This wonderful old friend has seen a good many sleeps, but the tatted edges and frays belied the fact that this hand-made quilt has good many more.  East Coast Quilt Co. fixed her right up! They're an awesome crowd down on Water Street.

Tatty edges of a well-loved and very practical quilt ready for repair.

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